With the aim of constantly renewing and developing the Company with full respect for tradition, the Caseificio Busti is looking ahead from its headquarters in the heart of Tuscany, increasing production yet keeping the quality of its products unchanged. This is partly thanks to the precious daily contribution of the 60 employees, who work assiduously to ensure that the company image is acknowledged and appreciated.

The careful selection of milk and the working methods have not changed over the years. This important aspect is particularly notable in the traditional production of cheese with raw milk, in the dry salting process – carried out exclusively using a type of salt that comes from the nearby salt flat of Volterra – in the shaping by hand of some of our cheeses such as the Marzolino, in the treatment of the outside of our cheeses using natural products such as extra virgin olive oil, tomato paste and olive grounds and, last but not least, in the slow maturation on shelves of spruce and beds of straw, in both controlled and natural environments.

“I Formaggi della Famiglia Busti” is a brand that identifies all the products of the Caseificio Busti, guaranteeing both authenticity and origin. Alessandro and Remo were shepherds from the Garfagnana mountains who began their activity in October 1955, in Acciaiolo, in the municipality of Fauglia, very close to the current dairy plant. Today Stefano Busti, heir to this valuable tradition, manages the family-run company together with his son Marco and his daughter Benedetta. He is personally involved both in the production and in quality control, in order to preserve the quality of the products, which are still made with the same criteria of that time.

Politica della Qualità e della Sicurezza Alimentare